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The Leadership Journal

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Written by a courageous group of high school girls from Newark, NJ, The Leadership Journal: Let’s Talk, is a powerful collection of captivating short stories and engaging leadership activities for teen girls. 

  • Let’s talk… about a girl’s abuse at the hands of her father, as written by Aminata Touray. 
  • Let’s talk… about the diary of a seemingly successful (yet over-pressured and bullied) girl in a story written by Fathia Bilewu. 
  • Let’s talk… about a drug deal gone wrong and a teen’s battle with substance abuse, depicted by Oyinwonuola Fasasi.  
  • Let’s talk… about Mary Ingram’s story of a homeless teen trying to find her voice. 
  • Let’s talk…  about Mekhi Addison’s character, who contends with gender dysphoria and weighs whether she should transition to becoming a boy. 
  • Let’s talk… about the impact of teen pregnancy on friendship, portrayed by Goldy Lomotey. 
  • Let’s talk… about a girl’s mental health journey and her first visit to a therapist, as written by Chelsea Ebinum. 
  • Finally, let’s talk about rape in an unforgettable story by Jada Lemon.

Designed as a tool for classrooms and mentoring groups, The Leadership Journal: Let’s Talk, provides its young readers with provocative discussion questions, interactive leadership exercises, and inspiring features of women leaders. The journal is a must-have for middle and high school girls. It develops leadership skills, elevates youth voice, and encourages critical thinking.